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Anmeldelse: Chelsea Cain - One Kick

When Kick Lannigan was 6 years old, she was abducted by a pedophile couple. They held her captured for 5 years until she was rescued by coincidence.  The book starts out with the rescue and then continues ten years later when Kick is a grown up 21 year old woman.

Kick’s got issues. She has difficulty living a normal life. She is keeping to herself and only hangs out with her two friends - James and her dog Monster. Kick has practiced self-defense and knows how to kill and hurt people in countless ways. She’s always carrying a gun for protection and has promised herself, that no one should get her into a car against her will ever again.

Kick is obsessed with abducted children. When two kids are abducted within a month, she starts to look into their cases. She’s getting help from James who has some hacking-skills :) Kick comes home one day and finds a stranger in her apartment. He scares her, but he wants her help with finding the missing kids. Kick agrees reluctantly and soon she finds herself deep in her past that she tried so hard to forget.

One Kick is exciting and ugly from page one. It took me from feeling sad and angry, to wonder about how screwed up Kick has become. She and the stranger – John Bishop – becomes some kinda friends. Both of them are very strong characters and very likable. They kept me attached throughout the book. One Kick is Chelsea Cain’s first book about Kick Lannigan, but I definitely hope that there are more to come.

The topic on the book – childabduction and pedophilia - is really rough and I have to admit that I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to read through the book. Luckily there’s no details what so ever about the pedophilia and no details about the movies that Kick is forced to make when she is a kid. It’s all left for you to wonder about which is bad enough.

One Kick is read to the end, but it will stay with me for a while longer for sure.

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